Hyperdimension Tanks(超次元坦克)

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Hyperdimension Tanks is a casual 2D shooter from top-down perspective. The game adopts colorful 2D graphics, and provides a virtual joystick and buttons for players to respectively move tanks and shoot, and an additional acceleration button for other controls.

Hyperdimension Tanks has been developed in homage to Battle City (バトルシティー), the classic multi-directional shooter video game for the Family Computer produced and published in 1985 by Namco, and has been improved and innovated for mobile devices by adding many new features. Players will be able to experience brand new gameplay in the arcade mode where many players will attend and battle in real time, as well as classic maps and items in the single player levels.





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Good game by JonathanWolfe
First of all, the elite level cannot be hit, this BUG should not be
Secondly, the bonus of the kill mode has been halved.This is a game that's more fun to play.Who's got to mess around all day?It's nothing more than a casual play.But now you've got less players who are less likely to play the game.And there's a lot to be optimized for this game, like I haven't been loaded for a long time without a bullet or a load or something like that...Give out three of your childhood
Reply Post date:4/10/2019
why???? by Tim Wright
Watching videos is really fun, but why hasn't it been downloaded?
Reply Post date:1/13/2019
eng PLZ by DarkEnergy DE
Why is there no English version? When will English version be introduced?. I can only buy the most basic tanks. I don't understand many of the props, but it's fun
Reply Post date:1/2/2019
Good game by Katharine Leach
Easy to operate, the jigsaw is simply a magic device to kill time. Music is a little bit less, so it's just a couple of times in circulation, but it's nice, and it supports creative workshops.
Reply Post date:12/1/2018
Good game by Betty Allie
Judgment is above thy. Judging the game on its own : it's fun short and can be challenging at times. Judging the game with comparison of other similar games: the gameplay is not really unique but the simple controls allow even unexperienced players to get the basic jist of it. The classes are all similar at core but each one has a unique active ability which can be a real game changer.
Reply Post date:4/16/2019
super love by Molina Gentry
One of childhood classic games, super love!
Reply Post date:10/11/2018
Good game by Lisa
Classic game, tank war is very much anticipated.
Reply Post date:9/30/2018
Super d tank by magic
Single machine game, do not need flow still can kill time to play with friend, 2D shooting game, still good yo
Reply Post date:8/11/2017
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7/30/2017 12:00:00 AM
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