New Contra (魂斗罗归来)

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New Contra is an action shooter mobile game developed by Tencent and Konami, which will add new elements including rich weapons, huge boss and 3D graphics, as well as keeping the original run and gun (or shoot 'em up) gameplay. Besides, the new Contra mobile game will have social gameplay, adding PvP mode to deliver 3v3 battles and supporting online teaming up for the classic 2-player mode. You might be interested in more details of the upcoming Contra mobile game.


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fantastic game awesome i love this kind by Soe Tu
This game is pretty epic!! Love the intense combat and Metal Slug style gameplay.. Yoo-na is hot!! Lol js.. The people that say this game is bad need to wake up.
Reply Post date:2/12/2019
Good game by Betty Allie
Judgment is above thy. Judging the game on its own : it's fun short and can be challenging at times. Judging the game with comparison of other similar games: the gameplay is not really unique but the simple controls allow even unexperienced players to get the basic jist of it. The classes are all similar at core but each one has a unique active ability which can be a real game changer.
Reply Post date:4/16/2019
No innovation by Barbarossa Bey
The game design is old-look, now actiongame so much, they all brilliant than this contra.
Reply Post date:9/6/2018
lot of people are playing by Johns
Contra is definitely a good game we shouldn't throw away. Hopefully it will go down at last.
Reply Post date:9/22/2018
no~~ by Charlene R.
I want the true contra that i play 3 years ago that game make my child hood complete and then now where is that game
Reply Post date:8/20/2018
nice! I'll try this by TheGrimReaper

It seems that only Chinese can download it, is that right?
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
have an eng version? by fantomchoder
Boss... This is like I am back to my childhood.....It's awesome....Thank for creating it....Brought back the golden days....We use to bunk school and tuition classes and play this game..
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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7/6/2017 12:00:00 AM
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