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Survive From 100 Cars !Run away from zombie gas !

How can a game combine Battle and Cars ?

Answer is Cars Battle.



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Good game by Anteater
What you see in this trailer is pretty much what you get with this game (but that's not a bad thing). The action is fast paced, the art style suits the game well and the difficultly progesses at a nice even pace throughout the game, introducing new items and weapons. Using the weapons was very satisifying especially when there were was lots of action.
Reply Post date:1/18/2018
Great game by Vanilli
Wow wayyyyy too hard, 2 ads roll after games sometimes, can't make it past 95/100 .. gee great game.
Reply Post date:11/28/2017
single player is boring and online is fr by Jac Van Wyk
I've changed my mind the controls and graphics are good to ok to bad. THE ONLINE IS SO TRASH. YOU KEEP GOING IN AND OUT OF GAMES YOU SWITCH PLAYERS YOU GET TELEPORTED. besides all that single player is boring and online is frustrating.
Reply Post date:10/3/2017
like by Aarif Lee
I like it and i hope you make online challenge and insert new maps with better view angle ... Thank you
Reply Post date:9/19/2017
funny game by Ohashi Miku
Fun game but... I have installed this twice and every time I play, the screen has white squares that moves everywhere like the game is glitching up which it is pls fix
Reply Post date:9/18/2017
funny game by Hastings Gore
Adds in the middle of the battle I'll be doing good and then an ad will pop up. Every time I eat right in the power up someone else just comes up and steals it. You fight against some really good cars and you have the worst car in beginning. You can't really level up unless you watch the videos it's really stupid. But other than that it's fun.
Reply Post date:9/13/2017
more weapons by Sohan Lal
Its a good game but improve the graphics and add more weapons.
Reply Post date:8/22/2017
I like it by flac dias
I like it and i hope you make online challenge and insert new maps with better view angle ... Thank you
Reply Post date:8/22/2017
Something awesome by Sincos Tangen
Can u put a best high graphics or like 3d android games...Something awesome?
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
go! my tank! by indigo pfeffer
I love this game because who doesn't love putting a machine gun on a station wagon also I wish we could buy money for the game. Plus how do you get the tank?
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
not bad by Jack Paterson
Could use online multiplayer and maybe no more ads other than that amazing game
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
question by Taddy
Does it seem like a good match game? Can many people be allowed to fight together? Or can you only fight through WiFi?
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
AMAZING by fantomchoder
This is one of the best games ever. There is little to no lag, and it is nice. But, when you go into the desert, there are lines that go across the screen That is my only complaint.
Reply Post date:7/28/2017
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6/27/2017 12:00:00 AM
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