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KNIVES OUT! You are the long ranger in the 6400m*6400m battle royale arena. 100 warriors dive in the battle, but only 1 can walk out! Chasing, Firing, or Dying! Are you ready to draw your knives out?

【100 Dive in, 1 Walks out】

100 players are scattered in the 6400m*6400m deserted area. Explore various places, collect weapons, aim your enemies, and pull the trigger. Remember, the last one, the winning one. 

【Survive by Any Ways Necessary】

Ambush or Assault. Snipe or Charge. Wait or Outflank. It’s all up to you. There is only one single goal: to survive by hook or by crook!

【Team Up, Speed Up, Tear Up】

Duo mode and Squad mode are available. Team up with your friends via voice system. Exert your uncapped techniques and unlimited tactics. Tear up all the obstacles.

【An Arsenal at Your Fingertips】

There are a variety of weapons, accessories, medicines and military vehicles for you to choose. Collect, select and equip. It is an arsenal at your fingertips!


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Good game by donny2112
This is a purely local multiplayer game for 2 - 5 players, with one player in VR and the others at the PC with controller.
Reply Post date:1/23/2018
love by MozLaPunk
The game used to crash quite often but they have released an update quite quickly to fix the issue. The devs fixing the issue quite quickly is what drove me to give it five stars. Overall gameplay is fun and I like the very unique enemies in the game. Combos are endless. Worth the 1.99
Reply Post date:12/6/2017
good mobile game by Robert Ban
netease good job~
Reply Post date:11/28/2017
Good game by AdawgDaFAB
Why is it that my area has not been downloaded? The video of this game looks good, but unfortunately it hasn't been downloaded
Reply Post date:11/16/2017
what's up? by GravemindIV
can't play it in uk?
Reply Post date:11/15/2017
no eng version? by Jared Nelson
Why i can't download it?
Reply Post date:11/8/2017
good by Boeriemore21
So I got to the screen that has the so called play button. For some reason when I press play, it won’t let me in the game. There’s also a Chinese sentence that pops up which I don’t know what it says. This didn’t happen yesterday and I think it’s a bug or glitch. Please help

Edit: 1 day later and I’m able to log in again. Apparently they were doing in game updates or server updates. Saw some new features. Vehicles with guns now have pre loaded ammo, vehicles require gas tanks but r also pre loaded and they replaced the C-130 with choppers. Keep up the good work.
Reply Post date:11/7/2017
good by bachtobaroque
I think because one of my teammates left, then rejoined as the last guy was quitting.
Reply Post date:11/2/2017
hope for it by San Myint
hope for it
Reply Post date:10/25/2017
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