Law Of The Jungle

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"Jungle Law" is a TPS (third person) shooting game mobile game.The single board supports 100 people, which can be divided into two competitive modes: single player and team player, while compatible with both android and apple!Beautiful game screen, dynamic real-time time, create a wonderful battlefield for players!

Game in the team and the single mode, players will experience a mock military action, parachute landing on an island, searching for props, avoid foreign bombing, if don't want to be a loser, for the battle is need players go subtle manipulation and sultry.


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Good game by Johnathanamz
This is a amazing game.i still and will continue to have fun in this game it’s so simple but so amazing. You go out in a world with 100 people some friends some not you try to kill everyone and win alone or with your team. And the hardest part is that you can camp one place for the hole came there is gas that comes closer and closer which if slowly kill you there are snipers and all kinds of guns and it’s not a kids game like today I say someone I went behind a tree came behind him and headshot him and won I was happy but so proud. Good luck have fun. Don’t let the cover fool you.
Reply Post date:12/6/2017
Good game by TroubledBat2
Game gave some lags , if you will repair it I will rate 5 , course it's good game like time killer)
Reply Post date:11/16/2017
funny game by Lashley
Picture to let me shine at the moment, horizontal version survive sandbox games, plus a wizard, but he is not, cartoon is more exquisite, may be the recent domestic excellent work, at least in my opinion, the quality is great, judgement and fluency is quite good.
Reply Post date:11/14/2017
Very good game by clutchanderson
Very good game, than some masterpieces as indeed many, but for free with all weapons or very friendly game, constant quality is strong, but in action is more rigid, but as a domestically produced generic one line was quite good, copy is serious, but the game play is very good, no weapons abuse phenomenon.Hopefully, there will be some free female characters and a few more guns to enrich the warehouse.Everything else can be done, hoping to become a legend in a country.
Reply Post date:11/2/2017
good by KriegerMinion
Expect the apple store to update soon!
Reply Post date:10/29/2017
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11/10/2017 12:00:00 AM
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