Night of the Full Moon

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Night of the Full Moon is a premium indie trading card game adapted from the story of Little Red Riding Hood with a tribute to Grimm's Fairy Tales. The exciting story will be revealed as you progress through various card battles with unique monsters, and the game's ending will be different based on the choices you take in the game. Come and start your adventure!


* Accessible, strategic trading card game.
* 4 Professions - Collection of 300 Cards.
* 72 mysterious opponents waiting for your challenge.
* Randomly generated events create exciting game play.
* Localized English and Chinese text and audio to provide you with an extraordinary audio-visual experience.



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love by TroubledBat2
More like the main character somehow discovered it at the start, and for a very long time is literally the only person who can use it
Reply Post date:11/16/2017
awesome by Jared Nelson
It's great that the movement gets delayed, which I thought was a bug but getting used to it makes it realistic.
Reply Post date:11/8/2017
Entirely unbalanced by CuckedByChad
The game completely breaks down in the second chapter, throwing a litany of overpowered enemies that are impossible to win against. It's very frustrating because by then you've invested 10-15 minutes and you're up against enemies who only drop high-end cards several times a row. I've played for hours and it's the same every time with every one of the four playable archetypes.

They also need a tutorial or something that explains the rules.

Otherwise it would be 5 stars. Fun art, great flow, interesting concept.

Reply Post date:10/31/2017
Beautiful and fun by TheDrizzlerJ11
I am really enjoying this lovely card battling game. It has great graphics and plenty of character. My only gripe (and a minor one) is you basically have to figure out how the game works without any hand holding, but it seems pretty straight forward. For the small asking price and no IAPs, this is a can’t miss!
Reply Post date:10/31/2017
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10/19/2017 12:00:00 AM
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