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Teletag98 is a grid-based top-down arena shooter, where you can experience both Fighting Game’s tension and Party Game’s chaotic fun in a strategic, dynamic environment. It’s a world about childhood minory in late 90s China. Players play as little kids-like game characters, trying to escape from the collapsing old world, and fighting for the space entering the new century. Try to be a forward-looking shooter and use the dynamic environment strategically to amplify your attack, such as color-matching teleporting, soccer ball bomb, recovering soda can, etc.


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funny game by Connor
Fun game, very nice, I recommend.
Reply Post date:12/24/2017
good by SuperHog
When ever o send gifts I'm supposed to get 50 free tickets when I hit the award and I never ever do. Dissapointed with this.
Reply Post date:12/4/2017
great by ph33nix
Screen so good game ~
Reply Post date:11/29/2017
Good game by spineduke
The picture is exquisite, color matching looks comfortable;Some of the checkpoints have new ideas;Smooth movement and good hand feeling;In the middle and late stage, there is a challenge to play, which requires not only the decryption but also the operation. The fault tolerance is slightly low, and some places can only restart when they take the wrong step.The frames are not locked in 60, and running is a waste of resources.
Reply Post date:11/19/2017
Good game by Jared Nelson
Great angle of view to see the movements of both sides.
Reply Post date:11/6/2017
Good game by pvpmaster8
More and more do not like these small games on the STEAM, playing these is better than playing on the phone. Many similar free games on the phone, I hope the game on the steam can do a little more refined.
Reply Post date:11/1/2017
good by Dowlphin
I’ve been a fan of this app since we were awaiting the release of Dorothy. It wasn’t until the last month or so that I’ve been struggling with it crashing very frequently, to the point that the app won’t open. Aside from that, it’s a very good game that I highly recommend if you enjoy music of many genres (mostly electronic) and rhythm games. My personal favorites are Emily and Choco, though all of the characters are worth checking out.
Reply Post date:11/1/2017
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12/31/2017 12:00:00 AM
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