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DESERTOPIA is a unique simulation game because nothing lives long. You will explore a desert island and nurture new species along with different accidental events. Utopia or mirage? It’s all your choices!

The basic idea of this game comes from our world, Earth. Unlike other simulation games, the core concept of DESERTOPIA is nothing lives long in this game. Water cycles fluctuate, animals will thrive or go extinct, and your lush forests may be susceptible to desertification. The world that you create is ever-changing, much like the world we live in.


Feel relaxed in the world of picture book style.

Special game mechanism: All things are ever-changing, nothing lives long in this game.

Dynamic background music mixing technique: Background music will change with the abundance level of your island.

Up to 50 kinds of creatures and 10 types of landforms to explore.

Several random events and choices influence the development of the island.


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good by Cormano
So first off I Have to say that the game is great, No I havent played a whole lot of it because of its load times but I've played with a decent amount of the core mechanics and I can really tell that this game not only has potential but it also has good content and smart developers behind it
Reply Post date:12/25/2017
good by donny2112
Given the task to do The Reaper's bidding, you set out to cause the deaths of as many people as you can in each level. The timing aspect of the puzzles, and the limited supply of objects to interact with, makes trying to get a better score more interesting.
Reply Post date:12/13/2017
good by GhostRidah
I really want to like this but... This game has soo much potential but the controls are extremely slow at times. Lots of other people have already stated this in their ratings. Sometimes it can really be challenging just because the controls aren't kicking in when it should. If the controls could be tightened up and fixed this would easily be a five star game!
Reply Post date:11/29/2017
very like this game by Unicorn
Nice,i very like this game!!!And also have so many level!!!
Reply Post date:11/15/2017
Simple fun game by npa189
Simple fun game
Reply Post date:11/12/2017
love by Dowlphin
I like this game very much!
Reply Post date:11/1/2017
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