Abi: A Robot's Tale

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PocketGamer Big Indie Pitch Asian Division Winner

IMGA Selected Game

Indieplay, Excellence at Visual Art, Nominee 

“Great example of storytelling and point and click genres…Absolutely loved it.” --PocketGamer

With the pace of technological development, our lives increasingly rely on machines. But is that a good thing?

Technology can lead us astray, but it can also be our redemption…

One day in the distant future, the obsolete household robot Abi finds the hibernating industrial robot DD, and together they escape the warehouse in which they have been locked away. Once they get out, they discover that humans have mysteriously disappeared from the earth. Where did the humans go and what can explain their disappearance? It’s up to you, Abi, and DD to find out.

In this one-of-a-kind and mysterious world, you will experience:

Unique gameplay. Switch between the two main characters and unlock the secrets of this intriguing world by solving puzzles.

Stunning artwork throughout, depicting an abandoned yet surprisingly beautiful world.

Musical Score by well-known composer creates an immersive experience.

A moving and thought-provoking story

An intriguing post-apocalyptic journey


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funny game by spineduke
You've played similar games before, but it's a lot more rough than this one
The screen and music style are very popular, the card design is very clever, need certain thinking and skill
It takes about 1-2 hours to take up a small footprint, but it takes time and effort to get it all done
Overall, it's a game worth playing
Reply Post date:11/19/2017
beautiful by WinterSnowfall52
I and Me is a China made by a developer
Game, game is a puzzle, BGM is beautiful and beautiful, drawing fresh and elegant.The game also contains some simple life principles.All in all, it's warm and lovely!The CARDS are easy to get to, and some of them need a little bit of work and a little bit of patience.If the method can't be found, the method can be demonstrated by H.The game has good support for the handle, OST is free!It is recommended to start at a discount.
Reply Post date:11/12/2017
Beautiful game by npa189
Beautiful game, but incredibly short—as some other reviewers have mentioned. Also, found the storyline terribly written, with over-dramatic, stilted dialogue with random exposé that seems to come straight outta left field! Overall a good effort but this isn’t a game I’d recommend.
Reply Post date:11/12/2017
love by salvatorymonk
A long time ago, I listened to music's game
It's too much trouble to play with all kinds of dead reading
Reply Post date:11/9/2017
Good game by Boeriemore21
This game is absolutely amazing and it is so detailed. I think it’s worth the $3 but the only problem is that it is extremely short. I finished it in less than 2 hours but it’s okay because I understand developing takes time. Hopefully the devs release many new chapters soon. Great game though!
Reply Post date:11/7/2017
Good game by hellotoonie
It’s so well done in terms of story, characters, concept and atmosphere - I just wish there was so much more to explore and learn about this world.

It ends way too soon for me. I’d pay more for extra chapters completing the story.

And I’m giving 5 stars for how well this small story was crafted. The ending was truly moving and unconventional, IMO. Bravo Devs for making me care for a character you would not expect to.

Edit: I know it’s not you guys, but Apple keeps deleting my reviews that I put a lot of thought into and I was actually praising your game, with a few critiques regarding audio (which I see you released an update to fix this) and length. I loved the experience soooo much that I wanted more, and pointed out that I would have paid a lot more money if you guys had taken the time to make more chapters and completely flesh out the story. But I’ve seen some of your dev feedbacks and that you plan on adding more chapters which I couldn’t be happier to hear. You guys have created something special here.
Reply Post date:11/6/2017
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