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BIT is a random-generated roguelike shooting game. In order to overthrown the Galaxy Alliance government and save the whole world from the evil weapon - "T.I.B", heroes of the BIT team start the adventure. Fight your way with collecting all kinds of goods. What will you find in the final planet?

BIT is a random-generated shooting game with great roguelike elements. The world is threatened by the evil weapon "T.I.B", which is deployed to the whole galaxy by alliance president Worst. The planet fighting against Worst would be terminated. It was once impossible to disarm the weapon until the talented Crazy Doctor find the equation called BIT. He organized a special team - the BIT team - to execute the rebel mission. Choose one of the hero and start your fight.

Great fighting experience.
Random-generated Level.
11+ characters.
200+ weapons, items and various combinations.
8+ funny planets, 20+ scenes, and lots of unique enemies.
Secret levels and elements; multiple endings.




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Good game by Anteater
nice game, looks like the classical games from nintendo or something else, but need have more options of language, only chinese is impossible to play, english, portuguese, and spanish would help a lot
Reply Post date:1/18/2018
Good game by culafia
Great game , The demolisher class can fly in the air in Malta docks or smth like it.Overall its pretty balanced unless you face level 120s as a lv 26 lol but that's rarely.Maybe add new weapons for other classes to even out demolisher?
Reply Post date:12/27/2017
Yes Yes Yes Yes!!! by ph33nix
Please English!!! - Indie Review Show
Reply Post date:11/29/2017
looks great by Robert Ban
looks great
Reply Post date:11/28/2017
looks good by Turkce_Rap
Yes Yes Yes Yes!!! Please English!!! - Indie Review Show
Reply Post date:11/27/2017
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