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"Exception" is a game about AI programming. In the game, players want to help the robots in the virtual world defeat the enemy. But players can't control these robots directly, but write AI programs for them and control them through programs.

Game is a single, sequential pass type process. In each hurdle, players should not only analyze the strategy of passing, but also write programs for the robot to achieve their own strategies. In the latter part of the game, it's quite challenging for players to write different behavior patterns for multiple different types of robots, and let them cooperate with each other.

The game background of "exception" is set up in a virtual electronic world, and everything in this world is in accordance with the stable operation of the program. The player acts as a inspector with a number of 159, and checks whether the system works regularly every day.

However, there were loopholes in the stable system, and on that day, inspector 159 found an exception program, and even more strangely, the program asked him directly......

In this virtual world, what secrets are hidden, waiting for the player to unlock it.

Game is coming soon


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love by Broadbandito
Very challenging and makes you really have to read the situation and plan as the game is very well done and cannot wait to see what the devs bring to the game in future content. I highly recommend this game to those who love puzzle games like meat boy or just want a fun puzzle game to play
Reply Post date:12/17/2017
hopeful it~ by Meltdown
hopeful it~
Reply Post date:12/17/2017
looks good! by Godot Bot
looks good!
Reply Post date:12/5/2017
good game by salromano
good game
Reply Post date:11/28/2017
Good game by microtubule
Can't wait to see it turned into a game
Reply Post date:11/27/2017
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12/27/2017 12:00:00 AM
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