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In the future, human science will continue to develop. Mankind will have a deeper understanding of the universe and master many mysterious things, including magic. But a full-scale nuclear war almost destroyed the whole Earth’s civilization , which is more serious is that humans cannot survive nuclear pollution, in order to human life(For the ever lasting of mankind ), people are forced to sleep in shelters to survive the nuclear winter, however, the contaminated animals variation began to attack the human shelter, people have to wake up from hibernation...

When the protagonist wakes up, his child has awakened earlier and been transported to a safe haven by the guards. In search of the lost children, He set off a dangerous journey on his own . On the road , there are have some terrible monster magic(The monsters met on the way are horrible and some of them have magic power), unfortunately a magic sword of human build (Built by humans was swallowed by a demon )demon swallow become more ferocious, killing it around, and slowly close to human thought safe haven...

"Wake.Meet" uses a self - developed engine,in the performance of the large seamless world, open view, realistic scenes, such as grass tremble when people walk by,real time reflection of water, alternating day and night, thunderstorm snow, character dynamic shadows, dynamic lighting etc


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Good game by Ozorov12
When u try to open it I crashes wth! Pay for something that don't work? Fix it!
Reply Post date:12/10/2017
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10/5/2017 12:00:00 AM
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