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The game is a universe of colors. Each color has a different sound. When you connect the same color to each other, it will generate ripples of unique resonance, as if you’re playing an amazing melody.

The births and deaths in the physical world, all begin with the basic elements, as they talk and merge, reinforce and neutralize each other. It’s the same with people. We choose colorful circles to represent these elements to give you a unique artistic and spiritual experience.


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good by Dahbomb
The text translation in this game is so bad that it's borderline unreadable so the story makes no sense and is not worth reading. (Pro-tip: hold Ctrl to skip).
Reply Post date:1/9/2018
good by ray138
I downloaded this to pass some time and it has turned into my "before bed" game. I don't know what it is but this game makes me soooo sleepy. I think the spinning puts me into hypnosis state of mind and I can hardly keep my eyes open!
Reply Post date:12/17/2017
funny game by Johnathanamz
The game is fun, however when they update the server there often is issues with the time. (I has just used some speed ups right before an update. I was down to under 7min. left and when the server came back up I had over 8min. on the clock so I used those speed ups for no reason) this game has issues and they are not really working to fix the issues that need to be addressed.
Reply Post date:12/14/2017
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