Ghosts 'n Guns

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Easy to play, one touch controls

Fight Bosses to claim victory!

Play where you like with a shooter made specifically for AR

Many levels to keep you in the action

Awesome custom chip-tune soundtrack

Gamecenter high scores to compete with friends.


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Great game by culafia
Great angle of view to see the movements of both sides.
Reply Post date:12/27/2017
Good game by Johnathanamz
As soon as I opened the app I could already tell it looked promising. I started the game and it told me to point my phone at a surface to place the portal, and it was the quickest placement of and AR item that I’ve ever experienced. Other games take forever to notice where a surface is, but this game only took a few seconds, and I applaud the developers for that. Then I started the game. It was easy at first, and then the difficulty started ramping up. The game always had something to keep my on my toes, whether it be a swarm of ghosts to fight at once, or a boss that tries to sneak up behind you. The gun mechanics work great, and so far I haven’t had a single instance where a shot should have missed but didn’t. The enemies are unique throughout every wave that I’ve played so far, and every wave left a feeling of accomplishment. The game has never had any frame rate drops or glitches or anything like that, so that’s awesome. And as a bonus, the pixel-y graphics give the game an amazing arcade feel that not many other pixel art games feel like. This is a fantastic game and I’d recommend it to anyone!
Reply Post date:12/14/2017
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12/6/2017 12:00:00 AM
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