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Year 2036, as the environment on earth continues to deteriorate, untainted food sources have become extremely difficult to find. Every piece of food entering the country must pass a series of tests, executed by the government-employed inspectors.

As the environment on earth continues to deteriorate, untainted food sources have become extremely difficult to find. With most borders closed for security reasons, the governments have been in charge of the acquisition and distribution of food for decades.

In the city of Iden, every piece of food entering resident areas must pass a series of tests, executed by skilled government workers. You, as one of the newly-recruited food inspectors, will need to carry out your duty 24/7 alone in a booth in the sky.

Even though it is considered one of the most respected and profitable occupations in Iden, what you want from it is a bit different — an escape from this blockaded city.

Key features:

A challenging inspection mission.
Every day, after getting a specific task from your supervisor, you need to act accordingly as food products are being transported through your booth. Under a time limit, you may be required to weigh, count, sterilize, and virus-check each product, while keeping an eye on any suspicious items. As you progress, the inspection will take different forms and more equipment will be added, making the task increasingly difficult. Your agility, patience, observation, as well as management skills will be put to the test.

A solitary life in a booth.
With the hard-earned wage, you can now not only buy necessary food and drinks, but also books, posters, or even lottery tickets to sustain your life. During the stay, you will need to strategically allocate your spending to maintain a balance between different needs, otherwise you may end up in poor health that will put your chance of escape at risk. Also, you may encounter special events that will make your booth life easier or harder, ranging from a city ceremony to a late night visitor.

A story chosen by yourself.
Through out the game, you will meet and talk with a dozen of interesting characters who may be a threat, a help, or both to you. It is all up to you whom to trust and be friends with. Only through clever communication can you find out possible ways to escape, but also you may be caught in a dilemma as your relationship with them develops. Based on your choices, you may end up a well-respected food inspecting hotshot, a permanently-wanted outlaw, or just a slightly special civilian.



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good by VE3TRO
You'd be forgiven for looking at this in the Steam Store and dismissing it as a cheap mobile port. Well, yes, it is both of those things, but it also happens to be excellent in every respect.
Reply Post date:1/8/2018
good by ronbato
I DON'T want to recommend this game but also hate to 'not recommend' it. I wish steam can have a 'meh' button. It's alright but the quirks are also obvious.
Nevertheless, it is what it is. Just be aware.
Reply Post date:12/18/2017
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1/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
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