Brain Machine

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This is a puzzle game with amazing mechanics on magic cube, and also an extraordinary story line. You will hide, think, find and collect. You will feel sorrow, fear, tension, happiness and desperation. Take them down and find the truth!

- An accident, then everything begins
Tony lost his mother in a car accident. To find her memory back, Tony input his mind in Brain Machine with help from his father- an expert in AI field. He will do anything to save her.

- An adventure in the name of L.O.V.E.
You will play as Tony. Explore the amazing Sci-fi world, make use of all elements, keep away from AI Robots and find the Memory Piece.

- A tinge of doubt, a truth undiscovered
As Tony goes deeper in Brain Machine, he will gradually know about a shocking experiment, and find out the unbelievable truth…

- Who am “I”?
We wonder if “YOU” can indeed find the truth in Brain Machine!

- Maps on flexible magic cubes.

- Collect items till 100%.

- Hide from AI robots (can't be destroyed) around or be shot to death, some can only hear your steps, some can see you when your light on.

- You can run/walk and light on/off. Trick AI with your skills! And watch out for those weird traps!

- Apart from enemies and cube-rolling, we beat our brains and design all amazing puzzles, by lines-setting, force mechanics…and sometimes, though AIs are smart, you can make them yours!

It’s hard to describe all. We really put a lot into this, and we do want to share them with you!




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good by erathia07
I was trying to solve the puzzle but my friend was trying to blow me
Reply Post date:1/24/2018
Good game by Foshy
I DON'T want to recommend this game but also hate to 'not recommend' it. I wish steam can have a 'meh' button. It's alright but the quirks are also obvious.
Nevertheless, it is what it is. Just be aware.
Reply Post date:12/24/2017
nice by ronbato
It's a nice change for a change, and the price is a why not. I play in k&m but I highly recommend a controller. It's fun so far.
Reply Post date:12/18/2017
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9/18/2017 12:00:00 AM
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