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Low Magic Age is a fantasy RPG that focused on turn-based party-based tactical combat. Field of View, Fog of War, Cover, Zone of Control, Charging and Flanking, various and abundant tactical elements are implemented in the combat system of Low Magic Age.

The game rules are evolved from the Open Game License (OGL), the set of rules based on the pen-n-paper version of fantasy role-playing games of all time, made by Wizards of the Coast.

Normally, you'll create and customize a small party of 4~6 characters: choosing from multiple races, classes, dozens of feats and spells, or choosing a character template directly. And then fight with all kinds of monsters!


Inherited from classic game rules: Evolved from historic pen-and-paper game rules, plus well designed information display UI, clear prompt of hit percent and damage range, help players to learn and immerse in the fantasy world. The innovative combat system, flanking, charging, full-attack, etc., various circumstance bonuses bring more meaningful tactics selections.

Classical fantasy monsters: 7 categories, 100+ classical fantasy monsters. Goblins, trolls, giant ants, basilisks and much much more. Different monsters need different strategies and tactics to defeat.

Tons of equipment and wondrous items: 60+ common items, 90+ wondrous items, 80+ enchantments. Slashing, piercing and bludgeoning, different weapons against different monsters. Gloves of Dexterity, Counterstrike Bracers, Ring of Regeneration, Belt of Magnificence, Cloak of Thorns, Elemental Gem, collecting powerful magical artifacts to create the hero character in your mind.

Well designed skills and spells: Fighters own a variety of martial arts movements, not only basic attacks. All of the arcane spells and divine spells of caster classes are greatly improved, too.


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good by Anteater
It may not look like a game for computer devices but the concept , desing and characters are cool.
Reply Post date:1/18/2018
Nice game by Foshy
It's a nice change for a change, and the price is a why not. I play in k&m but I highly recommend a controller. It's fun so far.
Reply Post date:12/24/2017
I am looking forward to seeing where thi by Cormano
For a game still in early access it is alot of fun. Brings back fond memories of playing the 3.5 D&D ruleset.
I am looking forward to seeing where this ends up.
Reply Post date:12/19/2017
This game definitely needs more monsters by Apathy
This game definitely needs more monsters/spells/items and gameplay content with a little bit of polish to become less repetitive.
However, at this point it is definitely worth playing for everyone who likes turn-based strategies, dealing with equipment, managing the team and for those familiar with DnD (or who would like to learn it). During my 30 hours of playtime I have never faced any bugs/glitches/crashes.
LMA will gain much as soon as Adventure Mode will be released.
Reply Post date:12/19/2017
:) by Clydefrog
Takes me back to the days of the Gold Box games era of SSI. Can't wait to see what the Adventure mode brings.
Reply Post date:12/19/2017
Pretty disappointing by Lunafreya
Pretty disappointing. No guide, no clear idea what you're supposed to do... basic mechanics very good but there's no structure or sequence to it so it ends up feeling a bit pointless.
Reply Post date:12/19/2017
It's great by Pepboy
Essentially a D&D battle simulator skinner box that sucks you in and offers battles whenever you want them, with no fluff. You can create a character from scratch, or select pre-made ones, and once you have a party of six, go and fight.

Every battle is a standalone one - even if characters die, they'll be back to full health and strength for the next one. As you win, you accumulate XP and gold and everyone gets stronger.

Right now there's not much beyond that - just endless battles - but an adventure mode is coming soon, and honestly, what's there is pretty compelling. The battles are fun and tactically interesting.

It's great as a quick pick up and fight game, basically, and if it improves - great!
Reply Post date:12/19/2017
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1/11/2017 12:00:00 AM
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