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Easy to play

There are only 2 buttons: Jump and attack. Take actions based on the in-game situations. Simple and straightforward.

Unique aesthetic styles

Minimalistic 3D artwork with a full screen of post-combo special effects deliver exhilarating visual impacts.

60fps smooth frame rate

We ensure that even devices with the lowest settings are able to enjoy the smooth and natural game experience.

Global Ranking

Challenge players around the world to show your skills and rank top on the chart!


Gold Prize at 2017 The 10th Xiamen International Animation Festival


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Good game by donny2112
Very, VERY, light on content. The game has two maps which each have a unique boss and player type with different movesets. That's it. A third is on the way but not available yet. It's enough to have fun for 30-60 minutes with a friend if you're taking turns, and you might even return to it, but unless it's REALLY your thing and you frequently have other friends over who haven't played to try it out you probably won't put much time into this.
Reply Post date:1/23/2018
Good game by meltingparappa
This game looks really interesting to me but unfortunately as soon as I go in the closet the game freezes. I don't know if that is a normal problem for people but hopefully nobody else has this problem.
Reply Post date:1/10/2018
Good game by HawthorneKitty
I understand there might be some people who find this game unacceptable as it appears to ask the player to "murder" virtual-people for no particularly good reasons. But really after playing the game, you might just find yourself thinking about who you are, what is out (or up) there, and thinking of the life and death around you.
Reply Post date:12/28/2017
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12/19/2017 12:00:00 AM
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