The Monster Chef(黑暗料理王)

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This is a simulation game, players want to Open a restaurant, and will be in a layer of space exploration。

Game player needs to find a variety of monsters and magical beasts as ingredients.Capture them, raise them, finally make the dark cuisine and sell it to the diners. Eventually, the player will grow into The Monster Chef.


The game is about to be developed, so please look forward to it.


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Good game by lukaszbudnik
Style extreme breakthrough, humor is lovely is the heart good.Leisure and challenge, easy entertainment strategy for wang.
Reply Post date:12/17/2018
interesting by Samuel Ring
The content is interesting and rich and music art is very serious, even if there are many advertisements, but they are selective and willing.
We hope to have an updated version soon.
1Post date:4/16/2019 by Lavar ball Lavar ball
Where can I download? I clicked the link above, but i can't find it.
Reply Post date:10/26/2018
love by sidsen
I love game painting!The game content is also very rich!It makes people want to play all the time!
But when the boiler is opening a cookbook, the same recipe is too many, and more research and development a recipe, the next time the need of gold COINS will increase, consumption is greater than the income, it is very hard to eat.In particular, it's a recipe for the same dish... (why are the dice only five?There are many recipes for three kinds of ingredients, and the individual is lazy and just wants to rely on dice.
The second checkpoint when catching monsters, sometimes two, car power is too little, don't look at both advertising can not only catch, it happened that number of advertising co., LTD., in the same way. The map is too big, too much oil, no oil at less than half, advertising
Reply Post date:10/5/2018
???? by Frank Lloyd Left
It seems that this game can not be downloaded anywhere. When can it be released?
Reply Post date:9/4/2018
?????? by Craig Chapple
The game seems to be played only in Taiwan, and i can't download it at the apple store
Reply Post date:8/31/2018
Game picture by Amin Hlaihel
Game picture is very good, when can it released?
Reply Post date:8/18/2017
woah? by Chris Cloudie
it wouldn't be very long. 'cause it never happens didn't you hear? ZERO DEATHS.?
Reply Post date:8/7/2017
thats goos by puzzleking
I hope horizontal screen is better, after all the mobilephone's screen is very small!!seems like Dont Starve?
Reply Post date:7/30/2017
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5/14/2018 12:00:00 AM
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