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"SuperBugs" is a puzzle game for full ages. The story of a super bug tribes for a bright future, go to the forest to recapture the lost energy ball story. Every hurdle is a new map,new beginning.

The game is mainly to collect energy ball, in a certain period of time to collect enough energy ball, you can open the transfer door, players play the main player into the energy ball, you can cross the border. On the way,you can get many different kinds of skills,and you can also eliminate many monsters.

The protagonist altogether can move up and down about four, plus a function key, game player in acquiring skills at the same time, the function keys into the corresponding icon, hold the game player function keys, will highlight the corresponding arrow characters, game player to release skills button to be released in the skills.


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funny game by donny2112
It's a fun puzzle game where it becomes more challenging as you progress further. I do enjoy the graphics and the replay value it has to offer in getting a better score. I have already beaten some levels in perfect and plan the rest of them in perfect as well. The only issue I have is how it would be helpful to know which objects I can interact with as not all objects in screen can be used to kill.
Reply Post date:12/13/2017
very good by jack alva
looking at the picture very good, where to download?
Reply Post date:9/1/2017
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1/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
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