The Wind Road

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"The Wind Road" is a Chinese martial arts game, which integrates action adventure elements into traditional RPG, but different from ARPG.

The development of the game began in 2015. The framework is complete, the remaining is to perfect the contents. It is estimated to be completed by the first half of 2018. 

Suspense, decryption, adventure, half sandbox, martial arts moves, film style narrative. In China, northwest Silk Road, desert, Dunhuang, will be reflected in the "Purple Cypriot autumn", but also the core of the game.

After dozens of tests, it has achieved a perfect combination of the combo style of action games and the perfect combination of traditional ARPG release skills. This is a competitive element of the game, in the game, only skilled use of various martial arts of free collocation, you can successfully defeat the enemy. For example: the enemy is using long weapons (polearms), and at the same time, game player using short weapons (sword), it is difficult to win the opponent, to switch to Chinese traditional martial arts in the "internal" tricks, remote enemy. Of course, one of the highlights of the game also dodge system.


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The music of the game is great, by John Enfield
The music of the game is great, I hope it will be released soon
Reply Post date:10/9/2017
love it by Zxxkkid
I love every detail about this game but I accidentally traded for biz bots but in the space of about an hour I already have way more money than I had last time
Reply Post date:9/12/2017
when? by Barbarossa Bey
I see the video of this game feel very attentive. When will the release time be announced on STEAM?
Reply Post date:9/6/2017
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