Wonder Parade

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On a faraway fantastic planet,there are some cute and kind animals live off with joy from the music they play.

Come and join their cheerful marching band and search for more friends!


-One-time payment,no more in app purchase.Continued free updates with more features coming soon.

-Hand made characters and animations.

-Innovative playing style,easy to understand,adjusted for mobile devices. 

-Original made cheerful soundtracks.

-Character and song unlock system.

-Basic,Advance,Expert difficulties.


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Love the game! by Robert Ban
Love the game! All of this publisher’s games are polished and fun.
Reply Post date:11/28/2017
Good game by InaneKorruption
I’ve literally just installed the game and I’m already writing a review, it’s that good; a good time waster. I have just one small problem and it’s the narrator voice. I’m not a big fan of it and I’d like an option to turn it off, except the audio options are: Music+SFX, just SFX, or silent. It’s not a big enough issue for me to rate only 4 stars, just a little problem from my nit-picky self.
Reply Post date:10/31/2017
It's a little expensive by calicat166
It's fun. It's a little expensive
Reply Post date:10/6/2017
very cute by Lasseman
It's cute. I don't know how it's going to be cute
Reply Post date:9/28/2017
I like by Jean Claude
First off, I'd like to complement all of those involved with the development with this game as it is absolutely phenomenal. The combination between a platform climber and music was a fantastic idea that was executed excellently. So great job to you all. Second, I'd like to report what I think is a bug. When sound, music, and character voice are all muted, there is still a faint sound in the background that is playing. I'm not sure if that is supposed to be there as that sound seems to go with the music. If you could fix that in a later update it'd make the game even better. Thanks for all of your work and I look forward to playing more of your games in the future.
Reply Post date:9/7/2017
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English,日本語 &more
8/31/2017 12:00:00 AM
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