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You play as an alchemist who got accidently transported into an uncharted world when trying to perform sorcerous acts. To find a way back home, you need to set off for your adventure in this mysterious world.

In your exploration searching for materials building a transport portal to return home, you will set your foot into various biomes, battle with strange creatures and monsters, discover arcane ancient monuments deal with inhabitants and uncover the myth under anything that happened.


Explore and make your own modification to a massive procedurally generated world. Build a sweet home, a huge castle, a magic tower or anything you can image.


Gather raw materials by mining ores, raising plants and defeating monsters. Craft them into building blocks, useful items, and reliable equipment to help you survive.


Collect magic scrolls and study different magic during your adventure and prepare yourself and the environment to cast a powerful magic to give your enemy a hardest strike.


Make magical artifact and all kinds of potions by boiling mixture of ingredients in your Alchemy Table and use them to give yourself special boosts, perform more advanced magic or throw them directly at your enemy’s faces.

You accidently stepped into a mysterious land and started an epic adventure only to return home. You build shelters, explore biomes, fight with monsters, and discover ancient ruins to uncover the myth of the world.



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funny game by PetrusOctavianus
Music, the music and pure and fresh and comfortable, but too drab, in any fight or at home, always a any scene, from video game BGM can feel to a game soundtrack "a pot of salt" game is absolutely have the ability to create more and better music composer, music can very good to mobilize in adventure game players, still hope can hear more in the game in the future, is "a pot of salt".
Reply Post date:4/10/2019
Some questions are really hard to answer by Fab Rags
I can't get out of the maze. I can't reach the gate of the next castle. I haven't been given enough tips
Reply Post date:2/7/2019
Good game by AliensCrew
Overall, the highlight of the game is building mode, you can follow one's inclinations of all kinds of building and cellar, then slowly to transform the whole land into the way you want, set up their own underground kingdom, as to what will go to his Boss and tasks, behind a small Boss completely no difficulty, you can pick up a lot of power equipment, and card strange ways to eliminate them.
Reply Post date:12/19/2018
funny game by ancientgamer
Feel good, the picture is simple and exquisite, a bit of fairy tale style, the sorcerer sets pretty cool, fire ball!Lack of tutorials, although there is a place we can see the operation, the background square I don't think guidance according to the shift or get down, very good, hope the developers continue to refuel, continue to expand the game, I feel good, hope you enjoy the play can also give it a try.
Reply Post date:11/27/2018
Relatively simple by Noahtime
More and more do not like these small games on the STEAM, playing these is better than playing on the phone. Many similar free games on the phone, I hope the game on the steam can do a little more refined.
Reply Post date:12/8/2018
playing this game every day by Lavar ball Lavar ball
It's like the game I played when I was a kid. I like build shelters everyday,Catch more camels.i like accumulate them
Reply Post date:4/19/2019
amazing by Zxxkkid
I have already 100% on PS3 long ago and I'm willing to do it all over again on PC. Here's why Steins;Gate is so freakin' amazing.
Reply Post date:10/26/2018
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Windows (xp,vista,7),
9/27/2017 12:00:00 AM
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