Brutal Age

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Become a legendary Warchief!

Forge your tribe with cities and outposts on the map and push the border against global competitors. Challenges await, prepare your warriors for a big hunt!

Come to experience the most original PVE and PVP battle in this new free MMO-SLG. Ally with your friends, and be brutal in the prehistoric party! 


• Build & Expand your territory and Burn your rival’s land.

• Zoom the map smoothly, and see every detail on the map.

• Choose your Horde and fight in wars with global players!

• Train 15+ unique barbarian clan troops with specialties. 

• Terraform your land into mountain, lake, forest or swamp.

• Hunt Mammoth, Sabertooth, Treant and all the Ancient Monsters

• Conquer the Wonder to become the Chieftain of all chiefs!



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enjoy this game by Nephtes
I quite enjoy this game only because it’s literally the only game that doesn’t make me bored or delete it within a few days.
Reply Post date:11/29/2017
I can not rally my vampire lords cause i by Diancecht
I can not rally my vampire lords cause it won’t let me move it around to place it, it’s trying to place on top of my castle and won’t let me move it, what.. you think castles are not beside each other in alliance? This is ridiculous please fix then you get 5 stars.
Reply Post date:11/14/2017
Good game by PetrusOctavianus
The game of conscience game should not be fooled by those who judge a star
Reply Post date:10/11/2017
I absoulutly LOVE this game by strelokcyka
I absoulutly LOVE this game other then the fact every time i go to collect my stuff like food energy all that stuff from the missions it shuts off on me an ?
Reply Post date:10/8/2017
I enjoyed the game as much as anyone wou by Han Solo cup
I enjoyed the game as much as anyone would, Why does the loading screen take 6 and a half years? (sarcasm). Its fun how you attack throughout the map and collect resources and upgrade and all that, I enjoyed the beach theme and the quality of this game.
Reply Post date:10/8/2017
Just a beginner but so far so good by Jayanth N
Can't really complain about anything much at this point. I've known about this game for a while now and finally decided to give it a try. Only had one day so far where there was difficulties starting the game.
Reply Post date:10/8/2017
game is fun and graphics good and idea g by erathia07
game is fun and graphics good and idea great. If they just were faster with upgrades both for players and new things for us to do. I'm maxed tribes nice but lets go hq 23 and lower some of the cost or rest them plus more warriors and tribes and just more in general. Addictive. Until you get maxed then slow to new stuff kind of might leave game
Reply Post date:10/4/2017
good time killer by DarkEnergy DE
Great Strategic planning Game. I love the other small details that makes it Great
Reply Post date:10/1/2017
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1/28/2016 12:00:00 AM
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