Shadow Mist

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This is a puzzle game that focuses on the adventure of finding one's self. Players need to search for a path to the gate of brightness by controlling both the character and his shadow.

This game is based on the creator's own personal experience. Experience the world through a patient diagnosed with severe depression, sinking deeper into the darkness. Through the game, we want to show that don't be scared of the "shadow" within one's heart. It grows with you. It communicates with you, and one day, you will find deep inside of you, the real you.


Discover the Maps Within Your Mind: Starting in darkness, the path to the next level is always hidden in dark mist. The path can only be illuminated by the player's actions.

Simple, Intuitive Controls with In-Depth Gameplay: Use the arrow keys to simultaneously control both the main character and his shadow. They are bound to each other and will move in the same direction horizontally, yet move in opposite directions vertically.



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I love it by Nightbird
This is my type, the gameplay, the pic, the character, and start in the dark mist makes everything so mysterious.I love it.
Reply Post date:12/17/2017
love by coolasj19
As described this is a puzzle platformer, with a nice aesthetic and music. I did not have any issues with it freezing for me.
Reply Post date:12/14/2017
good by Dark Schala
fully recommend this game. It is quirky and colourful, imaginative and fun, exactly what games should be
Reply Post date:11/23/2017
opefully nobody else has this problem. by Diancecht
This game looks really interesting to me but unfortunately as soon as I go in the closet the game freezes. I don't know if that is a normal problem for people but hopefully nobody else has this problem.
Reply Post date:11/14/2017
Awesome by npa189
I enjoyed the game so far and the elements are easy to follow despite the language barrier. I do feel like I'm not completely playing the game the way it's supposed to be but it's still very entertaining.
Reply Post date:11/9/2017
girl by Wolfspyryt
The girl you play as has the ability to absorb light as long as a lamp containing it is close enough for her to. In addition, if a lamp contains an unattached light, or light orb, she can redirect it to another close lamp. The light is also used to power switches so elevators will activate or doors will open. However, you will not be able to continue unless you lower the waters as the girl will stop way before you have the chance to submerge her head. This is where the puzzle aspect comes in.
Reply Post date:10/30/2017
Simple game. by Andrew Bentz
Simple game... okay for children I guess
Reply Post date:10/24/2017
similar games by ShmenonPie
You've played similar games before, but it's a lot more rough than this one
The screen and music style are very popular, the card design is very clever, need certain thinking and skill
It takes about 1-2 hours to take up a small footprint, but it takes time and effort to get it all done
Overall, it's a game worth playing
Reply Post date:10/10/2017
good by AwesomeMallard
The picture is exquisite, color matching looks comfortable;Some of the checkpoints have new ideas;Smooth movement and good hand feeling;In the middle and late stage, there is a challenge to play, which requires not only the decryption but also the operation. The fault tolerance is slightly low, and some places can only restart when they take the wrong step.The frames are not locked in 60, and running is a waste of resources.
Reply Post date:10/9/2017
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