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Soda Girls is a horizontal version of the cartoon action game, game player by setting their own unique combo, against crazy zombies, save companion. If you don't think the game is tough enough, you can upgrade the monster gene.

This is a difficult game, Soda girls not only fights the kinds of strong and cuning combies, but also fights from crazy scientists, strange circus clowns, gangsters, and aliens from other planets; every enemy should be played carefully, otherwise, Soda girls may be killed by your careless.

Cute cartoon style

Crazy level design

High degree of freedom players to create their own Combo

Challenging boss fights

Be the most changeful monster species

Memory system (some strange origin)

Like to challenge the difficult players (challenge system)


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good by Tathanen
It is a little basic at the moment, but the dev is listening to player concerns and constantly updating/improving the game in significant ways.
Reply Post date:1/21/2018
love by meltingparappa
Strong suggestion: to those still deciding, wait for later patches.
Reply Post date:1/10/2018
I love the animals by Linius
I love the animals and art but I barely have enough money to even heal my animals. The capture runes are way overpriced, please make the game more user friendly
Reply Post date:12/5/2017
It'd be nicer to be able to swap betwee by Turkce_Rap
I have a bit of a gripse with the character selection system, though. You're forced to play through the entire game from the start if you decide to play as someone else, which is kind of annoying.
Reply Post date:11/27/2017
robot by Lashley
One of the things I hate most about the 100 points is that the robot dog doesn't give people a little bit of time to run when they're running and they're always hurting the robot.
Reply Post date:11/14/2017
Not bad by Triforce141
Played 30 minutes. Not bad. 7/10 would buy on sale again.
Reply Post date:11/9/2017
Well i like the idea by Jared Nelson
Well i like the idea but tje fact that u have ti restart drom the beginning each time you play i really bad. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE ON SOME LEVELS THOUGH!!!
Reply Post date:11/8/2017
good game! by San Myint
Fantastic game, but I would love more music. I still strongly recommend this game for someone who has 9.99$.
Reply Post date:10/25/2017
very cute by Andrew Bentz
very cute game for me ,and my girlfirend like it either
Reply Post date:10/24/2017
love by HiroshiMishima
My son wants to buy it.But the difficulty was higher for the kids, and I didn't finish the week.In view of its independence, it is admirable.It's worth encouraging.Then there is the monstrosity.By the way, I bought it at a discount.
Reply Post date:10/10/2017
Great game by ShmenonPie
The game itself is a pretty good design, although it's a bit hard to handle (it's too hard to roll and it's too hard to get hurt).But it was fun.Until, I hit the challenge.I hate mosquito beetles and other winged insects, challenge 1 and challenge 7 to this day...I don't know if there's a great god or a person who can pass it.The difficulty of feeling this is far more than the heart of the game.
Reply Post date:10/10/2017
funny game by slaythebeast
It's ok because it seems like it's still being updated so it should be improved later
It's a nice touch and you can customize the action for each attack and I like that
You know, there's not a lot of work to be done, but there are some places where you can't see the hole and it's kind of sad to say that the boundary should have an invisible air wall.
When it comes to playing, it's worth the price. It's a discount of $18 for a game that's not a plus 1
Oh, to add a bug handle to the vibrator often often comes up with a problem that the handle vibrates and can't stop and it's very uncomfortable to stop it when you hit it again
Reply Post date:10/9/2017
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