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San Giorli, an ungoverned region situated between three galaxies, has become an interstellar dark city thanks to the garbage discarded from the three galaxies that attracted a bunch of scavengers. This is where the protagonist grew up, and he decided to come back after his long interstellar expedition. All you need to do is to help the protagonist find out the reason why San Giorli has become uncharted and rejuvenate the city.

It is a game that requires both your hand skill and thinking. You have to control the protagonist to orbit the spacecraft, analyse the circuits and traps ahead, connect or disconnect the plugs, remove obstacles and rejuvenate San Giorli, in order to move forward.

Its unique visual style sets up a cyberpunk background for the space city.

Beautifully composed music suits different scenes and complements the storyline, so that players are indulged in enhanced game experience.


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Great game by Wrekt
It's fun and addictive but twice now I have tried to play and it has taken my tickets and not let me play the game. So that's 960 tickets that I've been shorted. And I only get to play once a day since the tickets are so hard to come by.
Reply Post date:12/7/2017
very fun by shinobi602
Game is very fun and addicting, but I am stuck on part 3 Lao Place and have been for multiple weeks. I have not been able to get the right combination to pass the final stage of part 3. The game has no hint button so there is no help that can be provided. I fell in love with this game at first, but now it is extremely frustrating. I would love to continue playing this game but since there is no solution for the end of this stage, it has now turned my Love for the game to hate
Reply Post date:11/21/2017
good by KriegerMinion
it is a good chinese game
Reply Post date:10/29/2017
Good game by Sapphirexx
This is one of those games that come out of nowhere and truly Shines!

The Art, Music, and Gameplay are all Top Shelf Awesome!

Thanks for making this. Sure hope it’s successful and you all make more!

Great great game!
Reply Post date:10/22/2017
love by spreadtheblood
I love it because the sounds, the music and the graphic make this game so relaxing and it washes the stress away
Reply Post date:10/16/2017
Creative gameplay by ReignsOfPower
Creative gameplay, excellent graphics, and an interesting plot! The Chinese elements really touched my heart and evoked some of my memories. So far some levels are kind of hard for me but I will recommend this game anyway.
Reply Post date:10/16/2017
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