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(代号: Survive) Code: Survie is a self-developed multiplayers survive game by neteast.
You will be dropped in a poisoned world with other gamers.

According to the official website, Code: Survive is in the process of optimization and will have pre-registration open and test on the iOS platform, as of August 24. Android fans will have to wait a little longer to test the game. The beta of the game will be released for Android by the end of 2017.

This indicates that the release of Code: Survive will be only next year (2018). As it is an independent production of NetEase Games, it may be that the game is launched in the West, as happened with the great Crusaders of Light . See screenshots of the game:


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Good game by donny2112
There's very little content with currently 2 levels/two monsters to play as, but it's still fun to play. There are plans to increase to 3, but even that won't be much. With that said, the gameplay itself is quite fun.
Reply Post date:1/23/2018
Good game by AlexFlame116
I don't understand the gameplay. You die, you lose everything, that's fine, but you can only keep what you find with a portal scroll thing. You can only find it. No real way to progress, no effecient online save/retrieval. So it's a money dump that you can lose everything on in seconds due to crashes, bugs, or updates. Don't spend real money on this until these issues are fixed.
Reply Post date:12/12/2017
look forward to by GravemindIV
look forward to
Reply Post date:11/15/2017
good by Boeriemore21
Best PUBG type of game out here in the mobile life! Get this asap! Has great graphics, doesnt eat much of your battery, has vehicles that are drive able, guns, customizations, 100 people in each server and a huge map!! Although everything is in a Chinese language in the game, its still fun to play and you can get the hang of the buttons!
Reply Post date:11/7/2017
looking forward to by Jared Nelson
It hasn't been developed yet Why not demonstrate the video, can not be evaluated, but I am looking forward to a game with PUBG as fun on the phone
Reply Post date:11/6/2017
Good game by FairyGodfeather
I think because one of my teammates left, then rejoined as the last guy was quitting.
Reply Post date:10/23/2017
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11/29/2017 12:00:00 AM
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