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**1st Prize of Best Game Creative Award in the 7th China Game Developers Awards**
**Excellent Indie Game**

How many steps do I need to meet you and not to miss you?
Yesterday! is a 3D Puzzle Game about the philosophy of love and encounter.
Space is independent, time is irreversible. The encounter in life, however, is so amazing that it makes everything colorful.
Yesterday! is not about a story of one couple, it tells story of every couple.


The core gameplay of Yesterday! is based on magic cube. It tells a story of ‘finding him’ from a girl’s perspective. 
Players will play as the girl in game. They can move on connected cubes on a same plane, or rotate cubes based on where the girl stands. Objective is to approach the illusion of the girl’s beloved boy.
Players will receive an item with a piece of memory at the end of each level. All the items together tell a story, in which players may see themselves.

[Main Features]
* Seven chapters in total. Each of them is designed under a specific topic about love and follows a different play-style and art design based on that topic!
* Yesterday! integrates the difficulties of real-life relationship, such as the different modes of thinking and the struggle of long-distance lovers, into game. Different players may find different stories in game based on their own understanding!
* Easy to play! Click to move the lovers. Rotate to change the shape of magic cube or view. Everyone can enjoy it!
* Multiple fun! Players can both experience the moving story and enjoy puzzle solving!
* Great art design! Graphics based on plane 3D low poly design. Beautiful scenes!
* Pay once for all! Play as much as you want forever!

Twitter: @YouzuStars 
We will take each single voice seriously! Thank you for your support!



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puzzle game by Nirolak
A unique puzzle platformer where you can draw lines into existence with various properties. It lacks polish in terms of presentation, but it succeeds with its gameplay and is well priced.
Reply Post date:1/9/2018
funny game by Nightbird
It's ok I wish that you could upgrade your character. Good game though. I would give it 5 stars if you could upgrade /change your character. Good time waster. I'm sure everyone who has enjoyed other games from you will like this one. A lot of good things to say though, the list, Fun, time waster, good game, good quality, and nice work on all other games too. Love the creation of ketchapp. Thank you.
Reply Post date:1/2/2018
Music by skeleton
Beautiful concept, but needs improvements This game has a very beautiful and peaceful concpt, really mind relaxing especially the music. but it needs more IMPROVEMENTS such as overcme lag problems in some device (sometime the music just "lagging"), more graphic details and include CONTROL options. Contrls is the key to have a very fun game, I found the contrls is pretty hard in this game, I bet some people have already complaining about it. This game has a very unique plot and its mind-relaxing. so i will very happy to see it blossoms, keep updtin!
Reply Post date:11/30/2017
very artistic by Emperor Bohe
very artistic but.... it's very poorly optimized . and the frame rate some times drops and sometimes gets high . it has potential but need to be optimized . sometimes I get lost without any clue what to do next . maybe a mini map will help or zoom out feature. controls are terrible and very hard , almost impossible to master . very sensitive . but the graphics are beautiful and unique . I haven't played any game like this on play store. its a premium quality game only need is some fixes and changes.
Reply Post date:11/26/2017
love by WingsOfRequiem
The sound track is almost as good as Battlefield 1’s track, very immersive play with headphones!!
Reply Post date:11/23/2017
funny game by Vitalfever
It's fun to play but it's a bit hard, and I haven't found the trick yet.
Reply Post date:9/26/2017
beautiful and peaceful by Mrs. Raptor
This is a very serene game; music and images are beautiful. It has a very similar feel to Monument Valley, in many ways. It is a very simple puzzle-solving game, but more so than that it is a guided story.
Reply Post date:9/6/2017
love by Oliver
I'm in love. It's not just a game!
Reply Post date:8/31/2017
Very relaxing and frustrating by captainpaul121
I recommend playing this game if you want to relax, but it can get pretty frustrating if you aren't good at figuring out a rubiks' cube or Tetris
Reply Post date:8/20/2017
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3/7/2015 12:00:00 AM
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