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5 STG+Action+RPG games & Basketball Games, these games  by clicking the links below:


1.Art of War: Red Tides(338MB)

Game features:
- Team up and battle against commanders from all corners of the world
- Support over 200 units that can fight smart in the fiery battle at the same time
- Command concisely, play smart, and operate conveniently on different devices
- With over 120 kinds of units in three races, the game emphasizes Strategic Thinking, the core element reflected in the classic strategy games. It is easy to learn but hard to master.

- Art of War: Red Tides adopts “free download + in-game purchase” pattern.

Let us start our journey, commanders!

【Details about Subscribe】
-Subscribe period: 1 month
-Subscribe price: 4.99 USD/month (or local equivalent)
-Subscribe content: you will enjoy 5 privileges during your subscription
1. Light the crown
2. Extra loot chest
3. Coins & exp bonus
4. Daily gems (sent by mail)
5. Free exclusive skins that only for subscriber



2.Battlefield Commander(317MB)

BATTLEFIELD COMMANDER is a real-time strategy Mobile Games, you can choose from many units according to the preferences and set up their own army,Player can choose PVE mode to enhance the combat skills or choose PVP mode around the world compete for the highest honor of master.



3.Galaxy Reavers(418MB)

Conquer the whole GALAXY in this real-time strategy game!

Pocketgamer –"Galaxy Reavers is a spectacular looking strategy space-sim"
Slide your fingers on the screen to aim at enemies and fire at will! This is the essence of the intense battles!
Survival mode, rescue and escort missions will always keep it surprising and interesting!
Victory depends on your split-second decision-making!
Collect 25+ pieces of equipment and customize your warships to fit your playstyle, create truly unique fleets!
There are 8 types of ultimate warships to collect and use in your fleets. Think wisely as this choice will change battle outcomes!
3D battles with detailed warship graphics will make you feel like a true galactic fleet commander!



4.Whole people Battlegrounds (46MB)

Whole people Battlegrounds is a jumping out of the BR game!Twenty men landed on a desert island to escape the gas and bombardment.To kill or to be killed here.Only one person can survive.


5.Zombie Commando 3D(509MB)

Zombie Commando 3D is the sequel to Zombie Commando, which was recommended in 152 countries and won Best Mobile Game in IGF China.

Now, are you willing to take challenges and to save the world against zombies as Zombie Commando in a 3D world?

Zombie Commando 3D is a Real-Time Action game with unique team control mechanism. You can form your team, fight the zombies globally and find out the root of this outbreak. Let’s fire!
Game Features
•Dodge and use the traps like laser, chain saw, mine, spikes and electric generators to kill zombies in Zombie Commando 3D.
•48 HUGE game stages in 4 chapters and multiple missions for you to explore.
•10 POWERFUL Bosses will be there to challenge your control.
•Tank, Ranged shooter, AOE, debuffer, you have 10 characters with special skills to choose from.
•Simple control. You can control the whole team with ONLY 1 Finger!
•Use magnetic bomb, Heroic Strike, Furious Shoot, Exploding Strike and other skills to kill enemies!
•Use Knockback, stun, speed-down, freeze, and other skills to pin your enemies!
•Full Definition 3D game scenes.
•7 different types of battle fields like Mayan relic, Siberian mine hole, Secret lab and wild west. More scenes are coming soon!
•Majestic game music from award-winning musician, Marios Aristopoulos.
•Zombie Commando 3D is a wifi-free game! You can enjoy defeating zombies anywhere anytime!




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