Journey Into the History of Human Aviation Coming to HTC Vive December 14


Zodiac Interactive, an up and coming video game publisher, curating a selection of hand-picked titles from the Indie Chinese scene, is excited to announce today that “The First Class VR” will be available on steam December 14, 2017. The First class VR is a one of a kind VR cinematic experience, available for the HTC Vive, which guides the users through an interactive historical story of man's quest for flight and beyond.

The journey will take players through the first flight at Kitty hawk with the Wright brothers, all the way to Elon Musk’s SpaceX project of today, as well as what the future may hold for the advancements of flight. The First Class VR is an interactive VR experience that takes the audience through the historical journey of air and space. The VR experience has an incredible lifelike environment built on the Unreal 4 graphics engine, which pushes the boundaries of interactive storytelling by putting players in moments that define human aviation.

In the announcement trailer featured below, you will be able to see first hand some of the surreal examples of this game's stunning design. Tons of breathtaking scenes that take you everywhere from the wings of Icarus, through the exploration of space and beyond. The experience is a mind bending adventure that pushes the envelope of reality as well as paying homage to the historical events and advancements around flight, as we know it today. This one of a kind VR experience is a must have for any VR game library and shows off incredible dreamscapes only imaginable in Virtual Reality.

“We are so happy to announce that The First Class VR will be released on December 5th. We wanted to push the envelope with the future of interactive cinematic storytelling and I think The First Class VR does just that.” Said An Pu, Lead Creative Producer at Light & Digital Technology. “The story you will experience is inspired by the Hugo Awards Best Novel Winner the “Three-Body Problem” by Cixin Liu. We feel very honored that the author Cixin Liu played the game and gave it his blessing.”

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