Island field trials of NetEase "Code: Alive" first exposure


Lead: NetEase and then zoom trick, following the Wilderness Act, a "Code: Alive>> 2.5D sandbox simulation athletics tour today officially exposure, and will soon open the packaging and testing technology for the first time.

Is different from the mainstream market "chicken" Mobile Games, "Code: Alive>> innovation from the perspective of 2.5D hundred trials, and boldly used light cartoon style of realistic game player out of the island on the survival adventure, starting from zero search resources on shrinking an entire area of confrontation with the other test. The game not only solve part of the game player can not adapt to the mobile phone terminal 3D" chicken "game of embarrassment, more intimate reduces the operating threshold, and shorten the game time up to 15 minutes. More simple and smooth, here, everyone has a chance to jidali!

Then this game which can be played in? Let's first secret part of gameplay!

[the future science fiction theme, the brave incarnation in trials]

The game world view a slightly mysterious, the technology developed in 2063, from the goddess to predict fracture lode space crisis has lasted for a long time, the rapid development of human populations, but buried threats remain. Now, the crisis nearly, space fracture has occurred, the warriors gathered in this island, Lord set a goddess the virtual trial by trial people selection, will be eligible to lead humanity against this million years, the greatest threat. "Lord trials" what is the truth? All this, they wait for game player to the game to experience and explore slowly!

From the perspective of 100 [2.5D gold island field trials]

NetEase for the first time in such a 2.5D is introduced from the perspective of survival adventure games on is an innovative attempt. Many game player playing such Mobile Games, there will be a "halo" or "3D" mobile operation inconvenience "couldn't aim" and many other issues, "Code: Alive>> appear perfect to solve those problems.

2.5D is the third person perspective, does not appear and screen shaking angle switching brings a sense of vertigo, in the process of game player search resources, not only to plan their route search, and we should pay attention to "observant and alert, very alert."

The "fog of war" on the vision block, let the other game player can clever use of the terrain / vision effectively ambush, every tree, every obstacle, every house may hide the unknown dangers, all over the map around the invisible grass, so you need to proceed with caution, in addition, walking time to pay attention at the foot of the "voice of radar", it will prompt you to danger approaching. In such a dangerous world, a test of the time of the trial of the strategy and tactics.

Light [cartoon realism style Qing Xinming quickly become an independent school.

"Code: the overall picture Alive>> more light cartoon realism style, whether it is a scene map or characters are refreshing crisp style, compared with similar products on the market very distinctive style become an independent school!

Although the same is threatened by growing crises, search for materials and equipment, eliminate or others out of conflict break out at any time!

weapons props all sorts of strange things, the perfect combination of collocation upgrade black fun]

In addition to the special map of the experience and character set, "Code: Design of weapon system in Alive>> is full of fantasy, to provide up to 45 kinds of cool weapons and props the test. Not only the traditional katana, power hammers and other melee weapons, and charging gun, electromagnetic guns and other weapons across the battlefield. Thermal science fiction

Each weapon has its own unique gameplay: the sword cut Tachi damage burst table, power hammer Pactrometer variable flying hammer, railgun sniping seckill enemy paintball gun the enemy undetected, not the strongest weapon, only the most handsome operation!

The characteristics of the four map have the opportunity to collect shock traps, ice wall, space-time telephone booths and other unexpected interesting props.

Weapon props and distinctive features, used in combination will produce different effect of Combo - this is the code: Alive>> is a major bright spot different from the conventional survival adventure. Mobile Games hook with it, you can narrow the enemy after transient cut, causing massive melee damage, the hook towards the wall, but also their forced displacement, staged wire the blood run, using all kinds of traps and enemy electromagnetic gun Pactrometer blow play tons of damage, paintball marker, camouflage cross ambush, flying in the air gun fire bomb collocation teammates can instantly detonated the destruction caused by the wide range of results. This work not only to complete their own, can also be matched with bestie, adorable sister off... Free collocation strategy upgrade, let each battle full of wit and humour!

2.5D gold perspective, fresh and bright style, the "fog of war" vision setting, creative tools, free combination combo combo Code: Alive>> brings a unique experience for the survival adventure game player who recently opened the first official elite technology limited beta, beta reward and clan system are ready now. You can go to the official website to obtain qualification test (!

Official website:


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