Chinese company Ninedvr get the Ubisoft 'Rabbids VR Ride'copyright


Chinese manufacture Ninedvr will be get the Ubisoft 'Rabbids VR Ride'copyright, from the beginning of the third quarter of 2017, Ninedvr will launch the game in China's hundreds of supermarkets and VR parks with VR experience equipment.

In 'Rabbids VR Ride' , a player will be immersed in the interactive experience in the scene, they will go through a ramp, to avoid the obstacles on the way, Rabbids who put all kinds of strange and eccentric appearance on the way will.

"Chinese users expect more VR experience,'Rabbids VR Ride' this hilarious and exciting game, will be well received by children, young people and the family favorite, it is a perfect IP. We believe that the 'Rabbids VR Ride' all officially launched the second half, in the China VR game blowing a whirlwind to." Ninedvr's CEO said.

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