New Trailers From PlayStation's Tokyo Game Show Press Conference


The biggest news of the day was word from Square Enix of a brand new game with some interesting creative ties to franchises like Armored Core and Metal Gear. You can check out more details on that, along with the rest of the morning's news below.

Big News

'Left Alive' Announced

The biggest news of the show came from Square Enix. The publisher is working with some of the creative talent behind the likes of Metal Gear, Armor Core and Xenoblade to create an entirely new game. Not a lot more was announced for Left Alive, though they did show off a neat trailer.

'Monster Hunter: World' Dated With New Trailer

This morning's presser gave us a bit more detail on the world of Monster Hunter: World, specifically a dive into your home base. We also learned that the game is coming out on January 26th.

'Shadow of the Colossus' Gets a PS4 Pro Trailer

There wasn't a whole lot of new to say about Shadow of the Colossus during the morning's press conference, but there was something to see. The remake of Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 4 Pro received it's first trailer, which you can check out right here.

Zone of the Enders is Back and Other PSVR News

PlayStation seems to be doubling down on its virtual reality headset, announcing a couple of new games for the kit - among them a remake of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - along with a VR music festival.

The Rest

'Final Fantasy IX' Now On PS4

Starting right now, you can purchase Final Fantasy IX for the PlayStation 4. The port of the original released in 2000 is now available on the PlayStation store.

Dragon's Crown Pro Headed to PS4

An enhanced version of Vanillaware's 2013 2D action, role-playing game Dragon's Crown is headed to the PlayStation 4. The port will include 4K support and hits Japan on January 25th. No details yet on if or when it will be released elsewhere.

New Earth Defense Force Announced

Developer Yuke announced Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain during the press conference this morning. The return to the world of giant ants and mechanized suits retains its third-person shooter sensibilities, but seems to be a bit grittier this time around. It's set for a PlayStation 4 release next year.

Noctis joins the cast of 'Dissidia Final Fantasy NT'

Final Fantasy XV mainstay Noctis will be showing up in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix announced during the press conference.

Trailers, Lots of Trailers

What video game press conference would be complete without a whole bunch of video game trailers? Not wanting to disappoint, PlayStation made sure to present ten videos. We've gathered them all in one place for you.

Hidden Agenda

Sony Japan VR Showcase

The Inpatient 

Bravo Team

Hidden Dragon Legend

Skyforge – Revenant 

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